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Providing solutions for Internet, mobile world and back office since 2001.

Fotoni Software Oy is a consulting and software company specialized in developing web-based, database-oriented services.

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Web-to-Print: Fotoni Impression is a fully turn-key solution to sell and process any kind of printable product. We also provide mobile application to enable smartphones to access web-to-print service via Impression. As a postal entity, you can use Impression to offer personalised stamps and postcards for your customers.

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  • Software design
  • Mobile applications for smartphones
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting and development
  • Web services, web selling
  • Databases
  • Payment interfaces
  • Web-to-Print
  • Information security

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Customer cases

Since 2003 Fotoni Software has been developing the Fotoni Impression, a Personal Stamp web service in co-operation with Itella Oyj (Finland Post). In the service you can create stamps and postcards from your own pictures. You can explore Personal Stamp at web pages of Norway Post.

The service is designed for needs of both private and corporate customers. It can handle large quantities of orders, and has no problem processing orders with 1000 or 10000 products. The process is fully automated, so orders arrive directly to your printer without manual interaction. Features supporting sales and marketing:

Fotoni Software has been involved in several large system integration projects. Example cases:

Our consultants have a long track record managing technical projects.

We employ senior consultants who have built their expertise for careers spanning 15 to 25 years.

Fotoni Software provides wide-ranging IT outsourcing services. We handle virtualization of your servers, hosting them on high-availability cloud service.

You can use Fotoni's platform to outsource any IT service from databases to e-mail and websites.

We have developed a large variety of different Web services, ranging from web stores to specialized applications.

Example services:

Fotoni Software consulting enables you to streamline your business with IT services. We will advise you on finding cost savings and reducing work effort using IT to automate tasks.

For securing your IT and business environment, you need expertise in information security. We provide training, material and actual systems securing to fortify your company against incoming threats from the Internet.

Norway Post

Posten Norge (Norway Post) is the Norwegian postal service. Posten was founded in 1647 and has now over 20000 employees. Posten's 2013 operating revenue was 23,5 billion Norwegian krona.

Personalised Stamps

Since 2006, Fotoni Software has provided a service for Norway Post to create personalised postal products (stamps, postcards). The service has been hugely successful with both private and corporate customers in Norway.

Fotoni manages Norway Post's personal stamp service as an all-in-one solution:


Hansaprint is a leading printing house in the Nordic region. Hansaprint has offices in Turku, Finland and other business locations in Finland and Sweden. The turnover of Hansaprint for 2013 was 73 million euros.

Fotoni Software is providing software design, development and consulting to Hansaprint Oy.

Itella Finland (Finland Post)

Itella Corporation offers postal, logistics and financial administration services. Itella is based in Helsinki, Finland and operates in 11 European countries. Turnover of Itella Posti (postal services) in 2013 was 1,1 billion euros.

Fotoni Software provided IT services and a Personal Stamp service for Finland Post / Itella Finland during 2003-2010. We developed and managed a wide range of services: